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The Center for International Legal Education ("CILE") is home to the LLM and SJD programs at Pitt Law.  Each year we invite a select number of foreign students to study American law and other substantive specializations that will prepare them for careers as global lawyers. 

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Personalized Educational Opportunities 

While offering three academic pathways, CILE operates holistically to offer a personalized educational opportunity for every student.  CILE has placed graduates in some of the largest law firms and corporate legal departments in the world and helped them reach the highest levels of their home governments.  Because of our faculty, our curriculum, and our history, CILE alumni stand at the forefront of the global practice of law.

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Forge New Pathways Through International Study

About CILE
Gain Broad Expertise in International Law

CILE is the central hub for the international law and arbitration curriculum at Pitt Law. It helps students gain study abroad experience, internships, and scholarships for the study of global legal issues, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring global lawyers.

Pitt Law LLM Degree
Pursue a Personalized LLM Degree

Pitt Law's LLM program offers lawyers who have obtained their law degrees outside of the United States an excellent opportunity to delve into the common law legal tradition and the U.S. legal system while studying in the U.S.

Global Scholars
Global Legal Scholars Program

The Global Legal Scholars Program is Pitt Law's international law honors program. The program is small and highly selective. Once accepted, our Global Legal Scholars are immediately connected with the faculty and staff at CILE and engage with them